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Restaurants Near Salcombe 

On the banks of the Kingsbridge Estuary, you’ll find one of Devon’s most beautiful gems, Salcombe. This charming town is a magnet for tourists, and for good reason. With its picture-perfect harbour bobbing with boats, golden sandy beaches, and rolling green hills, Salcombe offers a quintessential English seaside escape, perfect for couples, groups and families alike. Whatever you seek from this spot along the gorgeous Devonshire coast, you’re bound to find it, as well as some true coastal charm.

About Salcombe…

Salcombe’s popularity isn’t just a fleeting summer fling. This delightful little town offers a huge selection of exciting activities and experiences that keep visitors coming back for more every single year. Salcombe’s heart beats to the rhythm of the tide, so whether you’re a seasoned sailor setting sail in a yacht or a first-timer trying your hand at something a little different like paddleboarding, the sheltered waters of the estuary and the open sea offer endless adventures. You can also explore hidden coves, learn to navigate the coastline, or simply soak up the sun on a relaxing boat trip.

Of course, while Salcombe certainly is a coastal paradise, there’s still an abundance to enjoy on land. Hike along the dramatic South West Coast Path, taking in breathtaking coastal vistas. Explore the charming town centre with its captivating colourful houses, independent shops brimming with local crafts, and art galleries showcasing the work of talented artists. The surrounding South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is perfect for exploring on foot or by bike, offering a chance to connect with the stunning scenery and really enjoy a day spent in gorgeous Salcombe.

Then after a day of exploration, you’ll certainly have worked up an appetite, and you’ll have your pick of outstanding Salcombe restaurants. From fresh seafood plucked straight from the sea to cafes showcasing international flavours and contemporary cuisine. During your visit to Salcombe, it’s paramount to make the most of the panoramic estuary views while you dine.

Places to Eat Salcombe

Salcombe isn’t just a playground for the adventurous and outdoorsy; it’s also a playground for foodies! From harborside fine dining to cosy pub lunches, the town offers a diverse culinary scene that celebrates the freshest local produce. Seafood certainly reigns supreme in Salcombe, with an abundance of fresh seafood always readily available. At the various Salcombe restaurants, enjoy platters of plump mussels, perfectly cooked scallops, and glistening fish caught just off the Devon coast. Restaurants like The Crab Shed or The Winking Prawn serve up these treasures with stunning sea views, making the dining experience truly special.

However, while you will certainly be spoilt with an abundance of seafood treasures at the restaurants in Salcombe, this should not stop you from indulging in something a little bit more special when given the opportunity. After all, a visit to Salcombe isn’t complete without venturing to the iconic Burgh Island, accessible by foot at low tide or by a trusty tractor ferry when the sea rises. Here, you’ll find some exceptional Salcombe restaurants:

The Nettlefold Restaurant

Perched atop the illustrious Burgh Island, you’ll find a divine restaurant renowned for incredible seasonal produce, cleverly crafted menus and wonderful service. This spectacular restaurant near Salcombe is The Nettlefold Restaurant.

The Nettlefold Restaurant boasts breathtaking panoramic views and a menu that showcases the finest local seafood and seasonal fare, taking inspiration from the coastline and the blooming herbs and fresh produce that grows all around. The Nettlefold Restaurant is undoubtedly one of the finest Salcombe restaurants.

The uniquely curated menus are just half of the magic of this restaurant. Just outside the window, you’ll also be spoilt with uninterrupted sea views and breathtaking coastal vistas. Additionally, The Nettelfold’s commitment to fresh, seasonal and exceptional produce has put it firmly on the map as one of the best restaurants in the South-West. Book your table for a romantic dinner gazing out amongst the cliffs, enjoy a gorgeous light lunch of seasonal vegetables and fresh fish alongside a glass of wine, and enjoy one of Salcombe’s finest restaurants in all her glory.

On the menu, expect grand choices such as fresh Orkney Scallops, divine Native Lobster, Saddle of Red Deer, and truly exceptional duck. Then for dessert, how does a zesty Blood Orange Cheesecake or an Almond Panna Cotta sound? To pair with your meal, you’ll find the wine list to be both expansive and elegant, showcasing delightful choices from near and far. Sample a glass or enjoy a bottle for the table and truly indulge in your experience at one of the most unique Salcombe Restaurants and its incredible vantage point on Burgh Island.

The Pilchard Inn

Another splendid choice is a historic restaurant that has captured the hearts of locals and tourists since 1336. The Pilchard Inn is a charming little pub and restaurant nestled amongst the dunes. This charming pub offers a more relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a post beach pint and a hearty meal admiring the views. Think fresh seafood dishes, comforting pub classics, and delicious local ales.

The Pilchard Inn is one of the most historic places to eat in Salcombe, boasting seven centuries of enchanting stories alongside its delightful seasonal menu of hearty favourites. Curly up here after a day exploring the beach, enjoy something filling and delicious and order a local ale to truly immerse yourself in the comforts of the South of England.

On the menu, expect hearty dishes like Cider Battered Haddock, delicious fresh cut chips, Crispy Pilchards, beautiful Salt Aged Steak and plenty more. For drinks. The local ales are certainly tempting and provide the perfect pairing for your pub lunch or dinner. Then for dessert, indulge in the peak of warm, hearty comfort food: Sticky Toffee Pudding.

This true Salcombe gem can also be found on the enchanting Burgh Island. Burgh Island has incredible literary roots, being the setting for several Agatha Christie novels. In fact, Christie herself stayed at Burgh Island Hotel and used the hotel as her writer’s retreat and personal haven. Today, the Art Deco hotel is still just as enchanting and guests flock from near and far not only to try the exceptional restaurants on site but also to stay and indulge in some of the grandiosity of the remarkable hotel.