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The History Of Agatha Christie & Burgh Island

Agatha Christie is a world-class English writer known for her detective novels, particularly those featuring the characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. She is also well-known for her six stage plays and more than 150 short stories! 


Christie’s novels are known for their intricate plots, clever characterisations and suspenseful endings that have captivated audiences for over 50 years. Christie herself was an avid fan of Burgh Island and called the hotel her home away from home on many occasions, spending extended periods on the Island as a writing retreat.

Agatha Christie and Burgh Island

Agatha Christie, or ‘The Queen of Crime’, truly needs no background synopsis and is a well-known name across the literary and pop culture world. Agatha’s long history with Burgh Island began when she met Archie Nettlefold (the owner of Burgh Island from 1925 to 1946) through his financial backing of several London stage productions. 


Christie stayed on the island for an undisclosed period of time, using the solace of the island and the crashing of the rugged coast to inspire herself to write her novels. In fact, The original Beach House built in the 30s, (re-imagined in 2008) was built for Agatha to write in. Here she spent a lot of time, used the island as inspiration and eventually finished her novels. Her love for the coast and Burgh Island continued, despite her home in Greenway being just a short day trip from Burgh Island.

Inspired by Burgh Island

While staying on Burgh Island, Christie made the most of her time and wrote two novels while staying in her writer’s retreat. The Beach House was first built in the 30s as a writer’s retreat for Agatha Christie and here she wrote her two novels set on the Island (‘Evil Under the Sun’ and ‘And Then There Were None’). The Beach House is now a sophisticated and modern beach retreat perfect for luxury romantic getaways or unforgettable family adventures with a truly magical past. 


The settings for the two stories were inspired by the hotel. And Then There Were None and the Hercule Poirot story, Evil Under the Sun, both involve the island. Additionally, a 2001 television adaptation of the latter novel, starring David Suchet as Hercule Poirot, was filmed on location at the refurbished hotel.


While Agatha Christie is certainly not the only famous guest to grace the halls of Burgh Island, she is certainly one of the most associated with the island and the hotel. Her legacy lives on in her novels, the famous Beach House/writer’s retreat, and one of the hotel’s rooms, named the ‘Christie Room’ after her. The hotel also holds regular Murder Mystery events with an Agatha Christie theme, during which guests can dress in period costumes and enjoy a weekend of glamorous sleuthing!

Staying at Burgh Island

For those who have yet to experience the beauty of iconic Burgh Island, stepping onto Burgh Island is like stepping back in time to the glamorous era of the 1930s. The Art Deco hotel, with its stunning sea views and luxurious interiors, provides a truly immersive experience, combining the classic elegance of the 20s and 30s with a truly masterful Art Deco theme throughout the entire hotel. 


Burgh Island is home to 25 rooms and suites to choose from, each individually designed and decorated to reflect the hotel’s Art Deco heritage. The rooms are all spacious and comfortable, with many offering stunning sea views and gorgeous amenities, as well as being named after the many famous guests who have called Burgh their home away from home. When staying at Burgh Island, you’ll find an abundance of incredible things to do, one of the best being dining at Burgh Island. Dining at Burgh Island is an experience in itself. The hotel’s three restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, from fine dining in the Grand Ballroom and incredible fresh, seasonal seafood menus in The Pilchard Inn. The food is all locally sourced and beautifully presented. The Palm Court Lounge is another fantastic area of the hotel, an Art Deco drinks lounge overlooking the coast. The Palm Court Lounge is perfect for wearing something dramatic, sipping on something stiff and admiring the beauty of the rugged coastline. 


If you’d prefer to explore the Island’s confines, you’ll spot a tennis court, pool tables, a croquet lawn and a dazzling mermaid pool! Not to mention a whole calendar full of exciting events taking place at Burgh Island all year round. From the acclaimed Murder Mystery events to creative artist retreats, and the lavish balls in the hotel’s Grand Ballroom, there is always something happening on Burgh Island. 


Burgh is a truly exceptional venue and a magical hotel with a storied history of connections to famous figures such as Agatha Christie, The Beatles and Winston Churchill. There is truly nowhere like Burgh Island, book your retreat today.