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Room History

Most of our rooms are named after past guests and influential figures from the 1920's and 30's. Discover more below:

NOEL COWARD – Nick-named “The Master” after his roaring successes in song and on stage in the ‘30s, Noel began performing at the age of 7, adoring songs, music and his mother. Noel was invited to Burgh Island for the weekend by Archie Nettlefold in the late ‘20s and reputedly loved it so much he stayed for 3 weeks… who knows whether “Room with a View” was penned here?

EDDYSTONE – Position 503/4 10‘.80N 043/4 15‘.90W • Height 51 metres – Range 24 miles • Intensity 570,000 candle power • Light characteristics: White group flashing twice every 10 secs. Subsidiary fixed red light covers a 17 degree arc marking the ”Hands Deep“ reef. The original lighthouse was established in 1703 and its Victorian progeny stands 14 miles out from Plymouth Breakwater.