The Sea Tractor Escorting Guests to the Burgh Island Hotel

The Sea Tractor

Burgh Island has long been established as a luxury party island with many stories to tell… Famous guests have called the island their island their home away from home, fallen in love with the rugged coastline and some have even left their mark on the island. You may have yet to visit the magical Burgh Island, but you’ll certainly recognise the gorgeous Art Deco exterior, the crashing waves, and the iconic Burgh Island sea tractor that patrols the waves.

Burgh Island Sea Tractor

The Burgh Island sea tractor, a third-generation hydraulic Sea Tractor, affectionately known as Trundle, has been a part of Burgh Island since the 70s. In recent years, Trundle has received a very well-deserved facelift to keep her looking sharp and performing exceptionally.

Originally built as a pioneering way to get to the island from the shore, Trundle has become an icon of Burgh Island and a beloved sight along the coast. She is relied upon almost daily and is sent out across the waves when the tide is in to collect the Burgh Island guests and ferry them to their magical stay. If the tide is out, or the waves too unpredictable, the loyal sea tractor is kept within the Burgh Island confines and instead Burgh Island cars are sent to the shore to collect awaiting hotel guests.

Within the hotel, you’ll also find an array of activities, various dining options and wonderful events held throughout the year, including ballroom events, artist retreats and murder mystery events, with the 2024 dates available now. And if you’d like to get moving while on the island, take full advantage of the beach, onsite tennis, snooker, or croquet.

History of the Sea Tractor

The Burgh Island sea tractor was originally designed in 1969 by Robert Jackson CBE (a pioneer of the nuclear power station programme in the ’50s) and is the only one of her kind in the world! In exchange for his work, he was paid with a case of champagne. The sea tractor cost £9,000 to build, and the charming Trundle is now a historic icon and Burgh Island celebrity. Having been built in the late 60s, it has recently been renovated to a freshly minted state and is hailed as the best way to arrive at Burgh Island Hotel.

Getting the Sea Tractor to Burgh Island

Beloved by guests and locals alike, the Burgh Island sea tractor is primarily reserved for hotel guests. Upon arrival at the Bigbury-on-Sea beach, Trundle will be waiting to ferry lucky guests across the waves and to the charming Burgh Island hotel where a remarkable stay awaits. Upon return, Trundle will carry guests back, providing a final farewell to the island. Unfortunately, the sea tractor can only brave the waves when the tide is in, otherwise, Burgh Island cars will be sent in her place.

While the Burgh Island sea tractor is largely reserved for hotel guests, non-guests can rely on her trusty services to ship them to and from the island’s restaurants and dining rooms. However, this does require a £2 fee each way.

For more information regarding the tide times and whether or not you will be able to arrive via sea tractor when staying at Burgh, please contact the reception ahead of your stay.

Staying at Burgh Island

Although the Burgh Island sea tractor is an icon of the island, there’s plenty more to marvel at when arriving at the hotel. An icon of class and sophistication, Burgh Island has stood as an Art Deco masterpiece since 1929. Hailing famous guests such as Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill and The Beatles, Burgh Island Hotel is an eclectic, magical escape reserved for the most remarkable guests.

Within the hotel, you’ll find 25 gorgeous rooms and suites, each individually designed and named after the most spectacular guests. From the most lavish suite to the charming Beach House named after none other than Agatha Christie herself, every stay at Burgh Island is a special one. You’ll also find an abundance of amenities, including a tennis court, pool tables, exceptional service, three delightful restaurants, wellness facilities, extraordinary views, and access to a huge assortment of magnificent events that take place on the island. Including murder mystery parties, lavish balls, Christmas events and spectacular parties.

Whether you’re staying for a weekend mini-break, a week-long romantic escape, or celebrating a spectacular milestone within the Grand Ballroom restaurant, your stay at Burgh Island will be one to remember. The island is also available for private hire for a lavish wedding or indulgent island party! Await the iconic sea tractor and glide over the waves to your favourite island escape when you book a magical stay at Burgh Island.