Eco-Friendly Hotel

  • What makes Burgh Island hotel an eco-friendly hotel?

    Since 2003, Burgh Island has been widely regarded as being one of the best eco-friendly hotels in the South Devon area and a pioneer in the green tourism movement.

    Reflected in the fact that since 2007 we have been holders of the Gold Award from the Green Apple Organisation for Conservation.

    Burgh Island has always been an early adopter of good environmental practice. Water saving, supporting organic produce, good waste management and energy-saving lighting are all expected as standard from sustainable hotels, but we like to go that bit further with our sustainable practices.

  • Sustainability and locally-sourced products

    We have always been proud to follow a policy of locally sourcing produce wherever possible, meaning that around 80% of our ingredients are sourced from local communities within a 30-mile radius.

    We do our best to minimise food waste, all of our teas and coffees are Fairtrade and certified organic and all of our waste paper, plastic and glass is sent to local commercial recycling plants.

  • Energy efficiency

    Complimentary high-speed wifi is available to all our guests as we know how important it is to keep in touch with the outside world through emails and social media during your stay. That being said, there are other electrical features we reserve for guests who specifically request them.

    Digital devices such as televisions and radios, for instance, are not placed in the room by default but can be booked in advance or requested on arrival.

    Our eco friendly luxury hotel is powered by a solar array on our disused tennis court and two modern, energy-efficient boilers.

  • On-site environmentally friendly features

    Here at Burgh Island we are conscious of light pollution and look to minimise its effects on the environment, by using controlled external timers on all of the hotel’s outdoor lighting.

    As a committed eco-friendly hotel we also accommodate electric car drivers, with Tesla charging stations in our mainland garages, and our own island borehole is used for irrigation and cleaning water.

    One of the features we are most proud of, though, is the herbs we grow on the Island.

    For more information on what makes Burgh Island one of South Devon’s unique, eco-friendly hotels, or to book a room, contact us today.

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