Where is Burgh Island?

Burgh Island, an iconic landmark off the South Devon coast, sits opposite Bigbury-on-Sea beach and is reachable only via a tidal beach. It stands as a tidal island near the charming village of Bigbury-on-Sea in South Devon, England. Accessible by foot during low tide or by sea tractor when the tide is high, the island hosts several structures, with the Art Deco Burgh Island Hotel being the largest among them.


Do you need to stay at Burgh Island Hotel to go onto the island?

The hotel is currently open for resident guests only. The island itself is open to the public and so is the Pilchard Inn pub on the island.


Can you visit Burgh Island for the day?

For non-resident guests, you can visit the island and the Pilchard inn for scrumptious food and drinks. Please see opening times on our website. If you would like to visit the hotel for dinner or afternoon tea, please contact our reception team on 01548 810 514


Is dining open to non-guests?

Dining is available for non-resident guests in the hotel, bookings are essential.


Is the pub open to non-guests?

Yes, dining is open to non-resident guests in the Pilchard Inn. For bookings, please contact our main hotel reception by phone on 01548 810 514 or email to [email protected]


How do you get to Burgh Island?

Burgh Island is accessible to walk to by foot at low tide, but when the sandy causeway disappears, you can access the island via the famous Burgh Island sea tractor. Burgh Island is also accessible by 4×4 vehicle for hotel guests only.


Can you walk around Burgh Island?



Can you swim around Burgh Island?



What has been filmed at Burgh Island?

Evil under the sun


Are pets allowed at Burgh Island?

We are delighted to welcome pets in our Artist Studio and the Beach House at a daily charge of £25 per pet. Your pets are allowed on Burgh Island grounds all year around and are allowed from 1st Sep – 31st March on the beach. During high season, dogs are only allowed on the left side of the beach (towards Challaborough which is on the left-hand side looking towards the mainland in the summer. Please keep your dog on the lead.


Are children welcome at Burgh Island?

Children aged 5-12 and over can dine in the Pilchard Inn & Nettlefold restaurant. For the Grand ballroom, min age of 13 applies as well as black tie dress code. Please note we don’t accept children under the age of 5 in the hotel.


What time is check in?

Check in is at 15:30


What time is check out?

Check out is at 11:00


Do you need to book the restaurant?

Yes, advance bookings for dining are required.


Where is the nearest airport?

Exeter Airport


Where is the nearest train station?

Plymouth & Totnes


What are the tide times?

Tide times change daily


When was Burgh Island hotel built?



Is there a minimum stay length?

Any Friday and Saturday night needs to be a two night booking. There is 2 night restrictions on selected dates and in peak season.


What are the benefits of booking direct?

There are several benefits when booking directly, from best available rates and room upgrades for any last minute bookings subject to availability


What time is breakfast?

Breakfast is served 08:00-10:30


What time is lunch?

Lunch is available for our resident and non-resident guests alike, between 12:30 – 15:30, served in the Nettlefold restaurant. Please note bookings for non-resident guests are essential.


What time is dinner?

Dinner is served between 18:00-21:00


Do you have WiFi?



What is the cancellation policy?

We take a 25% deposit on booking, which is not refundable in the event of cancellation. In the event of cancellation within one week of arrival the full amount of the tariff will be due.


Is there a free car park?

Car parking is included for hotel residents only


Can I amend my reservation?

We take a 25% deposit on booking, which is not refundable in the event of cancellation.


Can I get a later check out?

Later check out is available subject to availability. Please check directly with our hotel reception via email to [email protected] or by phone to 01548 810 514


Is there a dress code on Burgh Island?

The dress code in the Grand ballroom is black tie. You can simply never overdress at Burgh. We have guests dressing up in 1920’s style during the day also however during the day and in Nettlefold restaurant the dress code is smart for evening dining in Nettlfold, no specific dress code during the day.


How do I book spa treatments?

Spa treatments are available in our spa treatment room for resident guests only, For bookings, please contact [email protected] or by telephone on 01548 810 514


Do the bedrooms have air conditioning?



Is the hotel wheelchair accessible?

Please check directly with our hotel reception via email to [email protected] or by phone to 01548 810 514