Mermaid pool in the sea surrounded by cliffs at Burgh Island

Outdoor Mermaid Pool In Devon

On hot summer days, there are few activities more invigorating than taking a dip in an outdoor mermaid swimming pool. As the sun rises, spend the morning enjoying an invigorating swim in the rugged surroundings of the Burgh Island mermaid pool, before taking full advantage of the other hotel amenities at Burgh Island, such as a spa treatment or a visit to the steam room, knowing that your relaxation time will have been well earned.


*The mermaid pool is currently closed due to coastal erosion. We reserve the right to close the Mermaid Pool area in short notice subject to weather conditions for Health & Safety reasons. Please note that Mermaid Pool area will remain closed for up to 48 hours after rainfall or severe weather conditions*


As well as having the ability to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family, swimming in the natural seawater that outdoor swimming pools provide is a refreshing alternative to a chlorine-filled indoor pool common in a country house hotel or other UK hotels, inns and suites.

Hotels with outdoor pools are commonplace but few have the history and natural beauty of ours, here at Burgh Island. If you’re looking for hotels in Devon with a pool, take advantage of our beautiful outdoor mermaid swimming pool by booking a stay here today.