Things To Do At Burgh Island

  • The Beach

    The hotel and Island overlooks Bigbury On Sea beach. Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the beach is dusted with sand and lapped by shallow waters. A designated area of outstanding natural beauty, this is a wonderful and romantic place to enjoy and explore. If you fancy a swim Lifeguards are present at Bigbury on Sea beach during May to September and the beach also has a first-aid room.

  • Island Artist Residency

    Bringing 47 years of island life and legends to the canvas once more, Emma Carter Bromfield, contemporary British painter, is visiting our island between 21st – 29th August to paint and sell her new collection of beautiful paintings to Burgh Island residents and those visiting for lunch or afternoon tea. Those who find themselves inspired by Emma and her work can converse with her about her art, and as her family are the longest standing inhabitants of the island, she has a vast knowledge of all things Burgh Island! It goes without saying that her new collection is bursting with wonderful Burgh Island elements and will be joining her previous pieces that are collected worldwide.


    Top tip: private tuition sessions with Emma will also be available.

  • The Sea Tractor

    You may be lucky enough to take a ride on the third generation hydraulic Sea Tractor, the only one in the world. Designed in 1969 by Robert Jackson CBE (a pioneer of the nuclear power station programme in the ’50s) in exchange for a case of champagne and costing £9,000 to build, the Sea Tractor is an historic icon. Recently renovated to her freshly minted state, she is the best way to arrive through the surf to the Burgh Island Hotel. Members of the public can join in the ride and the fare is £2.00 each way.

    Please note that in adverse weather conditions the Sea Tractor cannot always operate.

  • Fishing Experiences

    We have worked with local experts to curate a selection of world class fishing trips and workshops to tempt even the most experienced enthusiasts; from local fly fishing and bass fishing to exhilarating conservation shark fishing along our rugged and beautiful coastline.

    Advanced booking is required for all fishing trips.

  • Island Walks

    From the clean, tidal beach at the north of the Island to the rugged rocks on the west hand side, from the delicious secret of the Mermaid Pool to the south-east and the thousands of sea birds at home here, it should take no more than 20 minutes to wander around our 26 acres. Situated on the south coast, Burgh is the first stop off for any influx of visitors from the continent and has an interesting abundance of flora and fauna. You can regularly spot  butterflies, moths, foxes, rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs, common lizard and a wide variety of birds.

  • The Mermaid Pool

    The Mermaid Pool is our natural sea water bathing pool, secured in WWII by a sluice gate and surrounded by rocks for utter privacy. A very refreshing and invigorating experience is guaranteed! For those of you who are not quite brave enough to take a dip, there is always our rowing boat to hop into and explore the lagoon. For the brave – always check water conditions with our Duty Manager before taking the plunge!


    *We reserve the right to close the Mermaid Pool area in short notice subject to weather conditions for Health & Safety reasons. Please note that Mermaid Pool area will remain closed for up to 48 hours after rainfall or severe weather conditions*

  • Surfing & Paddleboarding

    There’s a wide and varied selection of water sports available to visitors who prefer their holidays to feature a little adrenaline rush. If you want to try something different from the usual bodyboarding or surfing then windsurfing and kite-surfing are popular here, with hire facilities located right on the beach from Discovery Surf, one of the best surf schools in Devon.

  • Relaxing in the Hotel Grounds

    There is nothing quite as relaxing, or as quintessentially English, as flopping into a deck chair, soaking up the sun on your face, while enjoying stunning sea views. The team are on hand to furnish you with a glass of something too of course if it takes your fancy!

  • Explore Devon

    Make the most of your visit to Burgh Island and immerse yourself into the cultural and architectural history of the surrounding Devon countryside…