Scenic Wedding Venue

  • Scenic Wedding Venue

    Are you planning a wedding this year and searching high and low for the best scenic wedding venues with a view? Look no further. Imagine saying “I do” against a backdrop of endless ocean vistas, with the gentle murmur of waves serenading your vows. Imagine celebrating your love on a secluded island, offering an air of mystery and romance enveloping your special day. This is not a fictional setting, but the magic that awaits you at Burgh Island, a truly unique and scenic wedding venue with beautiful views in Devon.


    While the breathtaking ocean views are undoubtedly a highlight, Burgh Island offers so much more than just a picturesque backdrop. It’s a haven for couples seeking an unforgettable, personalised wedding experience steeped in history, Art Deco glamour, and impeccable service!

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    The views at Burgh Island are not just something you see, they’re an experience you feel and a memory that you will cherish forever. Imagine being transported to a different era, surrounded by the Art Deco grandeur of the hotel, only to step outside and be met with the raw, untamed beauty of the Devon coastline: truly one of the best wedding venues with a view.


    The island itself sits proudly on a tidal sandbar, meaning the views constantly change with the rhythm of the sea. One moment you’re gazing at the endless turquoise expanse, the next you’re witnessing the drama of crashing waves against the rugged cliffs, a truly romantic sight. When the tide recedes, a whole new world emerges, inviting you to explore the pristine golden sands of the beach, stretching out as far as the eye can see. Step foot on the sand and witness for yourself the perfect scenic wedding venue for your big day. 


    Whether you choose to take directly to the beach or utilise some of the magical spaces available within the hotel to commit yourself to your partner, the Burgh Island views are breathtaking wherever you are. From the Palm Court Lounge enjoy golden sands and turquoise seas, or take full advantage of the great outdoors and say “I do” amidst the rugged cliffs. From this calm and private setting, your wedding will truly be a memorable affair not only for you and your partner but for your parade of lucky wedding guests too. 


    Once the darkness settles, a different kind of magic takes over. Gaze up at the star-studded sky, where the Milky Way stretches across the heavens like a celestial river. The lack of light pollution on the island allows for unparalleled stargazing, the perfect ending to a truly special day. 

  • Wedding packages for your special day

    Burgh Island is a truly special scenic wedding venue with a view and is available to host your big day through the private hire of the entire island. The cost for the exclusive use of Burgh Island is: (Sunday–Thurs) From £23,000, (Fri–Sat) From £48,000.  Friday and Saturday bookings have a 2 night minimum hire requirement. One-night bookings are available on every other night (except bank holidays), subject to availability. The private hire of the island will ensure your wedding day is truly spectacular. From your arrival to the wedding morning, blissful strolls along the beach and the raging after-party celebrations, Burgh Island is perfectly poised to host you. 


    The specialist Island team are dedicated to your spectacular ceremonies, celebrations and parties. This is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and scenic wedding locations, surrounded by sea, sunshine and drama, and at low tide, accessible over the beach. Exclusive use of the Hotel for your wedding includes up to 25 rooms (50 guests) for dinner, bed and breakfast. As well as space in the opulent Grand Ballroom for an additional 15 non-resident guests

  • Hire the whole island

    The dedicated Burgh Island wedding team can assist in advance planning, menu tasting, supervision and advice on your music and entertainment plans, parking on the mainland, transport across the beach and priority check in for the wedding couple and their parents. Burgh Island also offers incredible assistance with world-class entertainment. Whether you’d like a magical ballroom evening experience, an outdoor party under the moonlight or a 1920s soiree, the team can assist in making your wedding dreams come true. 


    For some special touches available on Burgh Island, the team are ready to provide nothing but the best for you and your guests, including thrilling music and entertainment, with a selection of 1930s period, classical or jazz music. As well as exciting entertainment choices such as Murder Mystery players and London-based cabaret, including Noel Coward to ensure your wedding is the talk of the town! Our bar staff will also work with you to create some signature wedding cocktails, with unique recipe cards to provide to guests as charming little keepsakes.

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    Burgh Island isn’t just a scenic wedding venue; it’s an unforgettable experience and a cherished memory for you and your guests. Imagine exchanging vows in the Grand Ballroom, a masterpiece of Art Deco elegance. The crystal chandeliers cast a warm glow over polished wood panelling, creating an atmosphere of timeless grandeur. Or, say “I do” amidst the dramatic ocean backdrop on the secluded beach, the sound of waves serenading your commitment. Then dance the night away with drinks flowing as you sing your heart out to your chosen playlist under a blanket of romantic starlight. 


    Then, as you retire to your room, you’ll be met with the gorgeous sounds of the waves hitting the cliffs and the beautiful starlit skies casting a beautiful glow over the sands. As you wake up in the morning in true marriage bliss, you’ll be met with gorgeous blue sea views and a refreshing Devon breeze beckoning you to your personal balcony to gaze upon the first day of the rest of your life with the one you love. 

  • Dining to match

    Another hugely important element of your special day is the wedding dinner. Luckily, the Grand Ballroom offers a truly spectacular meal for your guests. Imagine stepping back in time to the roaring twenties, surrounded by the polished glamour of Art Deco. Crystal chandeliers twinkle above, reflecting off the rich wood panelling, while the gentle sounds of waves lapping against the shore provide a mesmerising soundtrack.


    This Grand Ballroom is where the Chef’s artistry takes centre stage. Their seasonally inspired menus showcase the best of Devon’s fresh, local produce, transformed into exquisite dishes that will wow the wedding party. Imagine a wedding menu of native lobster delicately poached and presented with a vibrant summer herb salad or delicious fresh-caught crab. The dedicated kitchen team will work with you to craft a wedding menu that perfectly complements your social day and represents the unique love and harmony between you and your partner. Complete, of course with delicious appetisers, welcome drinks and plenty of other little treats to make your day spectacular.

  • Conveniently located in Devon

    Burgh Island, nestled off the South Devon coast near the charming village of Bigbury-on-Sea, boasts a location unlike any other. While its remoteness adds to its mystique, it’s still conveniently accessible for your scenic wedding venue. The M5 motorway provides the most convenient access to Devon, with Junction 9 being the closest (approximately 40 miles from Bigbury-on-Sea). From there, the A38 and A379 will guide you towards your coastal wedding getaway.


    Exeter International Airport (EXT) is the closest major airport, located roughly 50 miles from Bigbury-on-Sea. Regular train services connect the airport to nearby stations, with onward connections to Plymouth and taxis readily available for the final leg.


    Burgh Island’s unique charm lies in its tidal nature. Accessible only by sea tractor during low tide, the island transforms into a secluded haven, offering a sense of exclusivity and adventure. The tractor ride itself becomes an exciting prelude to your island experience.

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