People hugging after a wedding at Burgh Island

The Benefits Of An Exclusive Use Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is one of the most special and unforgettable days of your life. From saying “I do” to dancing the night away with your loved ones, it’s a day that you will cherish forever. That’s why when it comes to choosing a wedding venue, many couples opt for an exclusive use option. Not only does it provide a sense of intimacy and privacy for you and your guests, but it also allows for a more personalised and truly spectacular wedding experience!

Couple this with the romantic coastal sights and Art Deco extravagance of Burgh Island Hotel and your special day will be one everyone remembers. 

Why have an exclusive use wedding venue?

Choosing an exclusive use wedding venue comes with a range of benefits that make it such an excellent choice. Firstly, exclusive hire wedding venues provide a sense of privacy and intimacy that can’t be matched. Having the entire venue to yourselves means that you and your guests can fully immerse yourselves in the moment without any distractions. There’s no need to worry about sharing space with other events or strangers, allowing you to truly create your own private haven for the day!

In addition to privacy, exclusive use venues like ours on Burgh Island offer unique dining options that can take your wedding experience to the next level. For example, you can enjoy a wedding breakfast in our superb Art Deco ballroom overlooking the stunning coastline, followed by a sumptuous feast in our award-winning restaurant or Grand Ballroom. Dining options like these really take your wedding celebrations to the next level and provide a meal you’ll remember (and crave) forever. 

Opting for an exclusive use wedding venue means you can have the entire island to yourself! You and your guests can have exclusive access to the entire island, beach and all. Imagine having a romantic beach ceremony, followed by a reception in the historic hotel, all on your own private island. Follow the ceremony with a spectacular island party, complete with your very own wedding cocktails crafted by the Burgh Island mixologist: a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

Of course, we can’t forget the pictures! How grand of an affair your wedding will be on your very own island with the dramatic coastline and crashing waves behind you. Make your big day unforgettable when you privately hire Burgh Island for your wedding. 

Exclusive use wedding venue in Devon

When it comes to exclusive use wedding venues in Devon, Burgh Island stands out as the most spectacular choice. This iconic island and former party hotel is the perfect backdrop for ceremonies, celebrations, and parties into the night. 

For those looking to have an exclusive wedding at Burgh Island, the cost starts at £23,000 for Sunday to Thursday bookings, and from £48,000 for Friday to Saturday bookings. 

From the moment you start planning your wedding, the dedicated Burgh Island team are there to assist you. Dramatic sea tractor entrance,  advance planning, menu tastings, exceptional assistance for decorations, theme, dining, drinking, dancing and entertainment are all included. Allow the thoughtful and creative Burgh Island teams to work with you and craft the most memorable day for you and your loved ones on the island. 

One of the most romantic aspects of Burgh Island is the option for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Say “I do” on the romantic island with stunning views and unique decor. The natural elements of Burgh Island make it a truly special wedding venue and an exceptional party location for your evening celebrations. 

At Burgh Island, the staff are dedicated to providing the best for you and your guests. From exceptional music and unique entertainment, allow the party to light up the island and celebrate your love. 

Once the big day is coming to a close, every guest can retire to their room on your very own island haven, the best of course saved for the happy couple. Jive, Fox Trot, drink and dine at Burgh Island, before having your final drinks in the fabulous Art Deco, Palm Court Lounge overlooking the gorgeous island coastline.

Conveniently located in Devon

Getting to your special day is all part of the adventure. Located off the coast of South Devon, this exclusive use wedding venue offers a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Getting to Burgh Island is easy, despite its secluded location. If you’re travelling by car, the island is easily accessible via the A379 road. From Exeter, take the A379 towards Plymouth, and you’ll find signs directing you to the island. The nearest motorway is the M5, which connects to the A379.

If you prefer to travel by air, the nearest airport is Exeter International Airport, which is approximately a one-hour drive away from Burgh Island. From the airport, you can either hire a car or take a taxi to the island. Once you arrive at Burgh Island, you’ll need to cross the beach to reach the hotel. Don’t worry, though, the hotel provides transport across the beach to ensure a smooth and hassle-free arrival for you and your guests in the form of the iconic Burgh Island sea tractor!