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Another of the gorgeous coastal towns that Devon is so famous for, Thurlestone is another jewel dotted across the Devonshire coast. Just a 28 minute drive from the gorgeous Bigbury-on-Sea beach, Thurlestone boasts the same gorgeous sights and coastal charm as the other neighbouring Devonshire towns


Thurlestone has a charming and fascinating history. The village itself is named after a natural limestone arch formation called “Thurlestone Rock,” which can be seen just offshore.  The village of Thurlestone was developed around a 13th-century church, St. Helen’s, which still stands today and can be visited when ambling around the area.


Where is Thurlestone

Thurlestone is nested across the Devonshire coastline, just a 20 minute walk to the gorgeous beach of South Milton Sands. Because of its great location, there are lots of well-known areas nearby. 


Kingsbridge: Thurlestone is approximately 3 miles west of Kingsbridge, a market town and the largest settlement in the South Hams district of Devon. Kingsbridge provides a hub for shopping, dining, and exploring, making it a convenient place to explore when visiting Devon’s coast. 


Burgh Island: Just under 10 miles away from Thurlestone, Burgh Island stands as a truly remarkable destination on its very own island. Burgh Island is a magical destination blanketed in its rich party past. The island certainly has stories to tell but is now known for its gorgeous beach, Art Deco themed hotel and the abundance of events that take place there each year.


Salcombe: To the south of Thurlestone, you’ll find the popular seaside resort town of Salcombe, just 8 miles away. Salcombe is known for its stunning estuary, golden sandy beaches, and enjoying crab sandwiches on the beach. It’s a favourite destination for boating enthusiasts and beach lovers. 


South West Coast Path: Thurlestone is situated along the South West Coast Path, which is one of the UK’s most scenic long-distance walking routes! The coastal trail stretches for over 600 miles and offers breathtaking views of the rugged coastline, including Thurlestone’s iconic rock formation.

Plymouth: Thurlestone is approximately 30 miles southwest of Plymouth, a major city in Devon. Plymouth offers a wide range of cultural attractions, shopping centres, and historical sites, and it serves as a transportation hub for the region if you’re trying to get to Devon using public transport.

The history of Thurlestone

Thurlestone’s history can be traced back to medieval times when the village developed around the 13th-century St. Helen’s Church. The village’s name is derived from “þirles” (holes) and “stān” (stone), which refer to the distinctive perforated limestone arch called Thurlestone Rock, just offshore. Thurlestone Rock is one of the village’s most iconic landmarks and stands as a testament to the area’s geological history and offers a popular subject for photographers and artists in the local area and visiting the area. 

Over the years, Thurlestone has been home to or visited by a variety of notable figures. One of the most famous residents being the esteemed writer, Agatha Christie. She actually had a holiday home in the nearby area of Burgh Island and found inspiration for some of her works while living ther. Her Writer’s Retreat is one of the suites available to stay in on the island.

What to do in Thurlestone

There is plenty to keep you busy in gorgeous Thurlestone, especially if sandy beach walks and relaxing along the coast are your idea of a fantastic trip. 


Thurlestone Beach: Enjoy the sandy beach of Thurlestone, complete with crystal-clear waters on sunny days, ice cream shops and of course, coastal seafood. It’s great for a spot of swimming, sunbathing, and beachcombing with the family (or just you and your partner) along for the ride. You can also take coastal walks in the area and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. 


Thurlestone Golf Club: If you’re a golf enthusiast, the Thurlestone Golf Club offers a challenging 18-hole course with breathtaking sea views. Perfect for a day outside but away from the beach. 


Coastal walks: Explore the South West Coast Path, which passes through Thurlestone. It offers stunning views of the coastline, cliffs, and wildlife and is a true must see for walkers, hikers and those who simply love experiencing the rugged nature of a destination. 


Water sports: Thanks to its convenient coastal location, Thurlestone is a great place for water sports. Enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding in some of the local, coastal shops where you can rent equipment locally.


Salcombe: A short drive away, the picturesque town of Salcombe offers a little reprisal with plenty of boutique shopping, seafood and British cuisine dining options, and boat trips on the Salcombe Estuary. Another gem of Britain’s coastal towns. 


South Milton Sands: This nearby beach is known across the UK, known for its beautiful sand dunes. Head over in the day for a swim and then stay for the afternoon and enjoy the sunset and a relaxing picnic. 

Burgh Island: Burgh Island is another of the local destinations with a gorgeous beach, and more uniquely, a divine hotel! If you’re a fan of murder mystery events, lavish 20s-themed balls and a truly unique stay, Burgh Island is absolutely the place to be. As well as being home to some magnificent restaurants that sit on the island, serving incredible fresh-caught food and local produce.

Dining in Thurlestone

There is no shortage of great food in Thurlestone, some of the best choices include:


The Village Inn: The Village Inn is known for its fantastic charm, delicious menu and welcoming atmosphere. Dogs and children are more than welcome and the menu is nothing short of fantastic. From Sunday lunch to fresh seafood, The Village Inn has plenty to suit every kind of meal. 


Burgh Island: Burgh Island is not only known for lavish parties but also incredible dining options. The island is home to The Nettlefold Restaurant and The Pilchard Inn, two beacons in exceptional Devonshire food. 


At these restaurants, you are guaranteed incredible service in an Art Deco-themed restaurant, gorgeous coastal views of the island and incredible, freshly caught seafood directly from Burgh Island’s coast.

Staying at a hotel near Thurlestone

If you’re in the Thurlestone area and looking to make the most of your stay in Devon, Burgh Island is truly one of the best local places to stay and just a 30 minute drive from Thurlestone. Situated on its very own island, you’ll have the privacy and the party all in one place. Enjoy a relaxing stay at our hotel near Thurlestone.


Burgh Island has a storied and interesting party past, having housed the likes of The Beatles in their heyday! Now, it is home to 25 striking rooms and suites, each uniquely decorated in a 1920s theme and adorned with some fantastic amenities. Not to mention sea views


It is a truly unique stay in a remarkable location and one everyone must see for themselves when visiting Devon. From the moment you land on the Bigbury-on-Sea beach, you’ll be met with uniqueness. The iconic Burgh Island sea tractor carries you over the waves to the island, and here you will be transported back to a bygone era and met with lavish dinners, coastal sights, incredible drinks and a ball or two if you’re so lucky. 

Make your stay in Devon one you’ll never forget and spend a night or two on iconic Burgh Island.