Eco friendly


    Since 2003, Burgh Island has been a pioneer in the Green Tourism movement. We were awarded Gold in 2009 and continue to hold this highest level of recognition. In 2007, we received a Gold Award from the Green Apple Organisation for conservation. Burgh Island has always been an early adopter of good environmental practice. Water saving, organic produce, energy saving lighting – these are all to be expected as standard, but Burgh goes that bit further in its relationship to the environment.


    We have always followed a local sourcing policy where possible, which means that around 80% of our ingredients are sourced within a 30 mile radius of the island. Our meat, which is all free-range, comes from Aune Valley (5 miles away) and our fish is from the day boats in Brixham (28 miles). Our lobsters and scallops, landed at Beesands (10 miles) are kept in our Mermaid Sea Water Pool. Octopus is caught at Start Point (5 miles) while oysters and mussels are grown at the Avon Estuary opposite the Island.


    Complimentary high-speed Wifi is of course available to all guests. We know how important it is to keep in touch with the world. We do not automatically place televisions in each room, but provide the option of booking in advance or requesting a digital device on arrival if required. The island is so magical in itself, we hope you choose the elements and the natural environment over noise. Burgh is a place for calm, relaxation (and fun times), but a tad of quiet in your room might be just what you need?

Responsible and sustainable

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